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Special requirements for love doll skeleton?

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Special requirements for love doll skeleton?

For customers they have different requirements to buy a love doll, so there are 3 types skeletons for most of our TPE sex doll to meet different customer requirements, if you


First, love doll loose skeleton, This kind of skeleton, you can choose the different loose part of the doll, one of my customer, he just want her doll to lie in bed, but also want to make some posture, has ordered one only loose back, the hand and leg are just like normal one with skeleton, but also some like all the skeleton to be loose, just lie in bed. For better service, a picture to show the details would be great.


Second, Love doll tight skeleton, You can make many postures, this kind one not very popular, but some people like, it can be done very tight or just tighter than normal one, that depend on you.


Third, Love doll normal skeleton, This one is the most popular on the present market, the skeleton is easy to move, and all the doll in the pictures are normal skeleton. If you need special, then contact the service Smile [email protected]



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